Item #46542 Group of political buttons. Barry 1964 PRESIDENTIAL ELECTION -- GOLDWATER.

Group of political buttons.

The long-time Arizona senator's 1960 book "Conscience of a Conservative" and his 1964 Republican presidential bid brought the conservative movement renewed vigor, though he lost by a landslide to LBJ. Item #46542

Interesting group of eleven political items endorsing the Republican candidate: eight buttons, two paper items and one textile. The textile is an unusual dark brown men's necktie reading "GOLDWATER" top to bottom in large white capital letters. Near fine. No manufacturer's label on verso (which does bear "100% Acetate" label). Superb condition and seemingly never used. First paper item is a highly unusual printed 3 3/4" X 2" business card printed in black reading "Kennedy for King" at top in a stylized italic typeface and beneath it "GOLDWATER FOR PRESIDENT" in a simple modern typeface at center. Very good. No publisher or location noted. Very few Goldwater/Kennedy election items had been printed by November 1963 when JFK was assassinated; a couple different traditional pinback buttons turn up occasionally, but this paper card we have never encountered. The other paper item is a simple 1 3/4" X 8½" white slip reading "DELEGATE" in large black capital letters top to bottom. Very good. A bit age toned and slightly worn, with several pin holes near the top. Apparently a delegate identification from the 1964 Republican national convention. The eight political buttons, in order of size (large to small) consist of: 1) 6" diameter paper-over-card button. Very good. Around Goldwater's black-and-white head-and-shoulders portrait at center is wrapped the text (in red and white) "GOLDWATER / The BEST man for the JOB." Best of all, Goldwater signs large and bold across his chest in black fineline. Pencilled note on blank verso (which bears safety pin) indicates this was signed on 18 March 1985. Unusual in itself, especially signed. 2) 3½" diameter button. Goldwater's portrait in center against white background and red border, with "GOLDWATER / IN / '64" in large blue letters. Verso notes Empress Specialty Co. in New York. Near fine. 3) 1 1/8" diameter flasher lapel pin with decorative gold border. "GOLDWATER / IN / '64" in white letters against black background changes to black-and-white head-and-shoulders portrait against white background. Solid etched verso. Near fine. Heavy, jewelry-quality lapel pin -- not the much lighter and larger (1½") button often seen with plain gold rim. 4) 1" diameter red and white pinback button with "GO WITH / GOLDWATER / AND / MILLER / in '64" text in blue. Near fine. "Green Duck Co. Chicago" noted on verso. 5) 1" diameter black and gold pinback button with "GOLDWATER / IN '64" text. Near fine. "Green Duck Co. Chicago" noted on verso. 6) 1" diameter red pinback button showing white right-facing arrow with "Goldwater" within in blue letters. Near fine. No manufacturer's marking on verso. 7) 7/8" diameter black and gold pinback button with Goldwater's portrait at center surrounded by "GOLDWATER / IN '64" text in black letters. Near fine. A.G. Trimble Co. of Pittsburgh noted on verso. 8) 1 3/8" X 3/8" black and gold foldover pin reading "GOLDWATER" in large capital letters. Near fine. Foldover top notes "Green Duck Co. Chicago." A fine grouping -- the necktie being quite scarce, as is the 6" button in signed form, while the paper "Delegate" label seldom survives and the "Kennedy for King / Goldwater for President" card is rare.

Price: $295.00