Bibliophile's Bookruler

A Main Street Fine Books original -- back again!


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Our unique Bibliophile's Bookruler is now in its third printing. This nifty tool identifies standard book sizes from Miniature through Folio at a glance. Book dealers, collectors and archivists have found the Bookruler a must-have in their bookish arsenals since 1994.

Some happy customers report:

"I've distributed them hither and yon in our shop, and just love them. What a great idea."

"You really have a winner there. I have been using mine steadily. And beating myself with it every once in a while since I didn't think of it."

"It will help with the confusion we have when listing books on the internet."

"At last! No more memorizing funny terms."

"When I am training students on listing books for us they are always confused by book size terms. I think this is going to make them (and me) very happy."

"Since 1994 I have had to guard it vigilantly from my envious husband..."

"We kinda use them as bookish swords around here, and while we keep one in our library of books about books, we find it a nice general ruler..."

"The ruler has arrived and I have been using it all day. How did I live without it?"

"Since I keep mine right beside my keyboard, it's always handy to pick up so I can reach the switch for the fan without standing up."

"It's just right for holding down a page when I'm typing copyright info, etc. -- long enough to balance on the book without flipping off, light enough not to crease or damage the page. It's handsome and well-made. It's long enough to use for a backscratcher!"

"This is a tool whose time has come -- or that should have been available to every bookseller since the custom of defining book size by this convention began!!"

"You can use it to boost kitty off the computer where he has just chewed up every paper thing attached to the monitor..."