Item #45124 Photograph Signed. Walter M. Jr. "Wally" SCHIRRA.

Photograph Signed.

The only astronaut to fly in the Mercury, Gemini and Apollo programs as well as the first to enter space three times was this original "Mercury Seven" figure, who flew the Mercury-Atlas 8 mission in 1962, a Gemini flight in 1965 and an Apollo flight in 1968. Item #45124

Photograph Signed, 5" X 6¼", n.p., n.y. [1961]. Very good. Lightly age toned. Newspaper portrait, an artist's head-and-shoulders portrait of Schirra in space suit with curving Earth and circling space capsule in background. Along the collarpiece (neckline) of the space suit, Schirra signs boldly in blue ballpoint. Undated image, though text on verso makes clear this was published in 1961. Unusual and dating from the earliest years of his NASA career.

Price: $100.00