Inscribed Photograph Signed. CROSBY BROTHERS, Dennis CROSBY, Gary CROSBY, Lindsay CROSBY, Philip CROSBY.

Inscribed Photograph Signed.

Bing Crosby's four sons toured together as a singing group throughout the 1950s and into the '60s, appearing in nightclubs and on television. IPsS (magazine stock, 7½" X 6½" and 3¼" X 6½" respectively, n.p., 1960 February 2. Very good. Several faint and inoffensive tape stains at corners. This single black and white portrait of the four brothers in suits and ties appeared in a fan magazine spanning onto a second page, where brother Phil apppeared at far right on the second page -- hence the admirer, in removing it for signing, had no choice but to remove it in two parts, which when positioned side by side of course show the single image. The larger clipped image shows (left to right) Lindsay, Gary and Dennis, while the smaller clipped image shows Phil. Above his head, Lindsay pens "To Don -- / Best of Luck Always -- / Lindsay / 2-2-60," alongside Gary's head he pens "Best wishes / to Don / Gary," and alongside Dennis's head he pens "Good luck Don / Dennis." Alongside Phil's head he pens "Hey Don / 'Keep swinging' / Phil / Crosby." Lindsay and Gary sign in blue ballpoint, Dennis and Phil in red ballpoint. The jinxed and troubled Crosby Brothers had difficulty coping the demands of show biz couple with a famous father and alcoholic mother. Lindsay committed suicide by shotgun in 1989, Dennis committed suicide by shotgun in 1991, Gary died of cancer in 1995 and Phil of a heart attack in 2004. Item #30634

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