Drame et Opera. PRINT.

Drame et Opera.

Moscow: N.p., 1892. Plate X from a set of twenty loose black and white prints originally sold as a set in a portfolio, printed in Moscow in 1892. Item #25051

This untitled set of large, high quality photographic prints (each measures 25" X 18") commemorates some unidentified imperial autograph collection, with each print picturing a montage of autographs in specific collecting fields. Subject matters represented include many of the classic areas of autograph collecting: scientists (several different), artists, musicians, actors, opera performers, ballet stars, writers and poets, statesmen and more. While the signed photographs (usually cartes-de-visite), letters and other documents depicted in each montage are international in scope, there tend to be more Russian (go figure!) and French persons. "Drame et opera" is a handsome heavy stock print consists of a grouping of ten cartes-de-visite or cabinet size photographs, eight of which are nicely signed and the other two of which have a signature or ANS overlapping. Depicted are Pauline Lucca, G. Fedotoff, Eleonora Duse, P. Strepetoff, N. Wassilieff, M. Slavine, Marcella Zembrich-Stengel, N. Nikouline, Alma Fohstrom and Medea Figuener. Duse's is the largest image, and takes center stage. All have been artfully arranged hodgepodge-style atop a background of a watercolor scene featuring an eclectic combination of flowers, a putti, a Greek stage mask, a lyre, a stage fan, etc. Very good. Minor soiling, and several small and discreet edge tears that would easily mat out. Overall quite handsome and striking, with large, untrimmed margins. These pre-revolutionary prints from the heyday of the czars -- all in handsome, clean condition -- are seldom encountered in this country, and come direct from our contact. All signatures depicted on these images are, remember, photographic reproductions of their signatures -- not authentic original signatures.

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