Inauguration Medallion. Richard YATES, Jr.

Inauguration Medallion.

The first Illinois-born governor of that state served as a county judge from 1894 to 1897, then won the governorship on the Republican ticket in 1901, serving as 22nd governor until 1905 and not seeking reelection; in 1919 he was elected to Congress and served until 1933; his father, Richard Sr. (1815-73), served in Congress (1851-55), as Illinois' war-time governor (1861-65) and as senator (1865-71). Item #47016

Inauguration Medallion, a superb head-and-shoulders sepia-tone portrait on 1¼" diameter metal button centered on recto of larger (1 3/4" diameter) bronze-type medallion, the upper border of which reads "RICHARD YATES" and verso of which reads "Inaugurated / Governor of / ILLINOIS / January 14th / 1901" set within ornamental border wreath. This metal and medallion hang via small brass ring and larger brass ring to a 2" X 1½" triangular red, white and blue satin ribbon. Affixed along top of this ribbon is an outstanding brass metal waving flag (2½" X ½") with enameled red, white and blue coloring; verso of this flag features heavy gauge brass clasp for affixing to coat lapel. Hanging immediately below this flag via two small metal loops (one original brass, the other a modern replacement) is a triangular (1½" X ½" ) brass plate reading "RECEPTION' within an ornamental border. A delightful relic of this single-termer's sole inauguration and one that features everything -- photograph, medallion, silk flag, shiny brass-and-enamel flag. This would obviously have been produced in a modest quantity only for select attendees.

Price: $75.00

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