Collection of 14 Agricultural Medallions and Ribbons. ILLINOIS FARMERS' INSTITUTE.

Collection of 14 Agricultural Medallions and Ribbons.

This state agricultural institution was founded in 1895 to help organize and promote the cause of Illinois agriculture. Offered here is a fine group of 7 medallions from this organization along with 7 additional Illinois agricultural association medals. All but the last two (which belonged to his son) hail from the collection of one of their most prominent members: Alfred N. Abbott (1862-1929), noted Illinois farmer, cattle and hog rancher, state legislator, one-time president of the Illinois State Farmers' Institute and Deputy Commissioner of the Illinois Commission to the 1915 Panama-Pacific International Exposition. Collection consists of, in approximate chronological order:. Item #46552

1) Two-piece brass-colored tin medallion, upper part 2" X 3/4" ornate frame (pinback) with inset label reading "Vice=President" in blue letters against white background and manufacturer's mark on verso of "St. Louis Button Co." of St. Louis; hanging below this from two short brass chains is a 1 5/8" diameter ornate circular frame with inset label reading "ILLINOIS / FARMERS' / INSTITUTE" in blue letters against white background. Near fine. 2) Nearly identical to #1 above except three-part, with "DIRECTOR" in label of top rectangular piece and "13th Cong'l Dist." in label of matching middle rectangular piece; bottom piece (identical to #1) bears manufacturer's mark on verso of "St. Louis Button Co." of St. Louis. Near fine. 3) Identical to #2 above, except different typeface on three labels suggests different year and top two pieces bear "W. & H. Co. Newark, N.J. Pat. Aug. 1 99" stamped on verso and bottom piece bears "The Whitehead & Hoag Co. Newark, N.J." stamped on verso. Near fine. 4) Ornate 2" X 3/4" dark metal ornate frame (pinback) with "VICE PRESIDENT" stamped at center surrounded by decorative scrolls; short blue and orange ribbons hanging below possibly not original. Very good. 5) Watch fob, a heavy brass-colored 1½" scallop-edged circular medallion with an eagle above a large cornucopia below surrounded by the caption "Illinois Farmers Institute / Created by Act / of Legislature 1895" on recto and verso showing a large farmhouse surrounded by the caption "For Better Health, Better Homes and Better Schools / In Illinois." Attached at top is a thin leather strap with metal closure by which to attach watch. Very good. Medallion heavily patinaed. 6) Two-part medallion, upper piece a 1 3/4" X ½" silver-finish rectangular frame (pinback) with "VICE PRESIDENT" stamped at center; below this extends a 2¼" red, white and blue ribbon with gilt lettering reading "MIDSUMMER / STATE / FARMERS / INSTITUTE / URBANA-CHAMPAIGN / JULY 11-12-13, 1911" and manufacturer's name on verso "Whitehead & Hoag Co."; and at bottom a silver-finish medallion identical to that described in #5 above. Very good. 7) Identical to #6 above, except rectangular top piece reads "DIRECTOR." 8) 1½" diameter circular pinback metal, large full color ear of ripe corn against white background with surrounding text reading "ILLINOIS CORN SHOW / Springfield, Nov. 23-28, '08." Manufacturer's mark on verso of "St. Louis Button Co." of St. Louis. Likely, but not definitively, a product of the Illinois Farmers' Institute. Very good. 9) 1½" diameter circular pinback metal, a decorative brass-finish scroll with inset label showing large yellow ear of ripe corn and surrounding text "ILLINOIS CORN EXPOSITION" against white background. Paper manufacturer's label on verso of "Ehrman / Mfg. Co / Boston, Mass.," where hint of red textile suggests a ribbon once hung. Very good. Once again, likely but not definitively a product of the Illinois Farmers' Institute. 10) Lapel pin, a 1" X 3/8" gold-finish corn shape with "I.C.G.A." (Illinois Corn Growers' Association) stamped at center. Very good. 11) Lapel pin, a 1" diameter circular gold-finish medallion with county fair-type buildings embossed at center above "AGR.[iculture] EXT[ension]" in blue beneath; Blue portion above reads "INTERNATIONAL / LIVE STOCK / EXPOSITION" in gilt while blue portion below reads "1925" in gilt. Very good. 12) Two-part medallion, upper piece a 2" X 3/4" gold-finish rectangular frame (pinback) with inserted paper label reading "ABBOTT' in pencil; below this hangs a 1½" purple ribbon with gilt text reading "89th ANNUAL / CONVENTION/ ILLINOIS STATE / DAIRYMENS ASSN. / SPRINGFIELD / JAN. 21-22-23, / 1913" and below this hangs a 1 3/4" diameter oval gold-finish medallion showing an idyllic pastoral scene of several cattle grazing in fields. with manufacturer's mark on verso of "Greenduck Co." of Chicago. Very good. 13) 1½" diameter circular brass medal with hoop at top, recto showing pork, horse, cattle and sheep heads surrounded by text "ILLINOIS LIVE STOCK / BREEDERS ASSOCIATION," while verso reads "FOR MORE AND BETTER LIVE STOCK" surrounding blank center with initials "LAA" are engraved in large italics. Very good. Moderate patina. (Louis A. Abbott, 1891-1982, was the son of Alfred A. Abbott.) 14) 1¼" diameter circular button (hanging cord on verso) with red and gilt decorative border and at center "SECOND / PRIZE" against white background, with paper label on verso gives manufacturer as "St. Louis Button Co." of St. Louis; 4" red ribbon hanging below reads "CORN / EMPIRE / DAYS / OCT. 26-28, 1933 / CLINTON, IOWA / AUSPICES / CLINTON CHAMBER / OF COMMERCE" in silver lettering. Near fine. All in all a remarkable grouping of Illinois agricultural medallions from this noted Illinois agricultural figuret. Not only did Abbott serve as Chairman of the Illinois Commission's Agriculture, Livestock and Dairying standing committee at the Panama-Pacific International Exposition, but he was an exhibitor himself, winning a silver medal for "Calico Corn" and bronze medals for "Early White Dent Corn" and "Bloody Butcher Corn."

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