Signatures on Album Leaf. Lew FONSECA, George "Mule" HAAS, Wally SCHANG, Lloyd "Little Poison" WANER, Paul "Big Poison" WANER.

Signatures on Album Leaf.

Fonseca played first and second base for the Cincinnati Reds (1921-24), Philadelphia Phillies (1925), Cleveland Indians (1927-31) and Chicago White Sox (1931-33, manager 1932-34); Haas played center field for the Pittsburgh Pirates (1925), Philadelphia Athletics (1928-32, 1938) and Chicago White Sox (1933-37); Schang played catcher for the Philadelphia Athletics (1913-17, 1930), Boston Red Sox (1918-20), New York Yankees (1921-25), St. Louis Browns (1926-29) and Detroit Tigers (1931); Baseball Hall of Famer Lloyd Waner played center field for the Pittsburgh Pirates (1927-41, 1944-45) with several one-year WW2 gigs with the Boston Braves, Cincinnati Reds and Philadelphia Phillies; and his older brother, Baseball Hall of Famer Paul Waner, played right field for the Pittsburgh Pirates (1926-39), Brooklyn Dodgers (1941, 1943-44), Boston Braves (1941-42) and New York Yankees (1944-45). Item #45903

Large and bold signatures of these five players on a 3½" X 6" pale blue sheet, n.p., n.y. [likely 1930]. Near fine. Schang signs at top, with a small (3¼" X 3/4") typed slip beneath this ("Veteran Big League / Catching Ace (1765 games) / 17 years American League"), then below this are Paul Waner, Lloyd Waner, Haas and Fonseca. A unique and attractive grouping that includes two scarce Hall of Fame brothers -- and accompanied by two fine modern color reproductions (Dover Press) from the "Diamond Stars" series of baseball cards for Lloyd Waner and Paul Waner, each glossy heavy stock 2½" X 3" -- Lloyd in 1934 catching a ball in center field and Paul in 1935 striking a batting pose.

Price: $500.00