Item #33215 Document Signed. Ulysses S. GRANT, III.
Document Signed.

Document Signed.

President Grant's namesake grandson, child of his eldest son Frederick; ironically, he too was a West Point graduate and rose through the ranks until he achieved major general; also ironically, just as his grandfather died shortly after completing his "Memoirs" and never saw the finished product, so too did Grant 3rd die shortly after completing a biography of his grandfather. Item #33215

DS, 1p, 7 3/4" X 3", Washington, DC, 1906 May 15. Check on pale pink stock drawn on The Riggs National Bank, with handsome engraving of that institution at left. Made out to "Adjutant, 2d Batt. Engrs" in the amount of $26.31 in one hand and then signed by Max C. Tyler (1880-1974, West Point 1903 graduate, worked his way up to major general with the Corps of Engineers). Near fine. Usual cancellation marks. On the verso, Grant boldly pens in brown ink "Pay to order of / Julian L. Schley / U.S. Grant 3rd." Below this, Schley pens: "1st Lieut. Eng'rs and / Adjutant 2d Batt. / Julian L. Schley." (Schley, 1880-1965, a fellow 1903 West Point graduate and Corps of Engineer career officer, was appointed Governor of the Panama Canal Zone in 1932, serving until 1941.) And lastly, below this the check is also boldly endorsed by Mark Brooke (1903 West Point graduate, second lieutenant with the Corps of Engineers, in 1904 assigned to take transfer and begin construction of the Panama Canal for the U.S. Government). Though "Band Mess" is inked at lower left of this check by the secretary who filled in the recipient and amount, its purpose and the reason for three endorsements is not clear. Intriguing and attractive item from quite early in Grant's career, in any case.

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